Teen Pregnancy Rates in US

Monday, July 21, 2014

We all know that teen pregnancy is considerably one of the most common problems that many nations face, even the biggest nation such as United States. The problem is not because they are pregnant at the young age, but because they are pregnant without being married. The free sex in the considerably young are can be said as one of the reason of the great number of teen pregnancy rates that you find in US.

We all know that the bigger a country or a nation, then the country or nation will surely face more problems. One of them is including the free sex as a new way of life. In the old times, free sex can be considered as something taboo that you should not do. Unfortunately, the modernization of a big nation becomes one of the point that make the free sex is spreading all around the United States of America. For your information, up to this time there is no main factor that affect the kind of juvenile delinquency that lead the teenagers in US to do this kind of free sex. However, there are some factors that can be said as the trigger of the free sex in the American teenagers.

From many of those factors, the most related one is the environment. The environment here means the relationship between the teenagers and the family and the friends near him or her. If you ever notice, most of the teen pregnancy cases happened by the girl who has some negative background in her life. For example is the case of broken home that will lead the girls in looking for something else to do such as joining some kind of group.

However, to be accepted in certain groups, the girls have to do something, including the free sex in some cases. Unfortunately, the girls are ready to do that just to be accepted in the group. Quoted from, in the United States of America, there are more than 750 thousand cases of the teen pregnancy. As an addition, all of those numbers are the number of the teen pregnancy rates that is happening before the age of 20. Can you imagine what will happen to them who dream about many things but they have to bury them all because of the pregnancy. Therefore, if you have teenage girls, you might want to give more attention to her so that she will not do that.

5 Ways to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teen pregnancy is a problem of social, economic, complex emotional and physic. This is the frightening reality that happened mostly in this modern era. Because of teen pregnancy, it changes everything of teenage life drastically and rapidly. This tragedy happened because most of teenagers do not know about the knowledge of sexual activity and they do not know about the linkages of pregnancy and sex in detail. Moreover, this is happened because they are in big curiosity phase which make them to do everything that they want to feel. Even this is a frightening tragedy. There will be ways to prevent teen pregnancy. The ways are given to prevent the bad risk of teenage in further time. These ways of teen pregnant prevention will guide and inform you.

Follow these 5 Ways to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

First, you have to be strong. Do not give in a peer pressure of your friend. Some teenage feel lonely and left out when their friend already have boyfriend and start to have sex. You have to think that sex is not about fun, it is about responsibility, always set on your mind that you must have sex in the right time with right man.  

Second, you should to trying to say NO for sex in teenage, it also allow for everything that you feel uncomfortable with. You have to say this word whether physical contact, rejecting to have a relationship, having sex or having sex without protection. There is no harm if you can stand with your principal. One way to prevent teen pregnancy is only do not have sex, this way is 100% success.

Third, you have to inform yourself about what will and will not result in pregnancy. In common information, there are actually lots of myths about what kinds of activity that will make you pregnant when you have sex. Those myths are actually wrong that is made to deceive you. You have to inform yourself about pregnancy with logic information. The big possibility of pregnancy is unprotected vaginal sex, the male fertilize sperm that shoot out to the ovum will result a fetus. Unprotected sexual activity also will bring some effects of disease and infection. Pulling out the penis when having sex also will effects of pregnancy, it can be happened because some of sperms may be released in man seminal fluid or it also can be happened when a man does not pull out the penis quickly.

Fourth, understanding the effectiveness of birth control is also one of way to prevent teen pregnancy. Some of birth controls are made in different quality. The kinds of birth control are condom, pill and intrauterine devices. Condom has 17% fail if it is used improper way, pill has 99% effective in prevent the pregnancy and intrauterine devices has 1% fail, because it is placed in hormonal.

The last way is using protection, you have to remember that having sex will result pregnancy. If you are not comfortable in having sex without protection, you have to tell it to your partner.

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