Teen Pregnancy Facts

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pregnancy is a kind of gift for those married couple, but what if pregnancy occurs to teen whose are not ready yet as physically and mentally? This is it the tragedy that happened in this day, teen pregnancy becomes plague for adolescents because free sex. Teen pregnancy facts show that in The US there are 3 of 10 girls are pregnant before 20, as accumulated there will be more than 700.000 pregnancies in a year. This tragedy will be more tragic when thinking about the impact of teen pregnancy. Teens must be fear about pregnancy, because they are not ready to be a mother and fear about the family, moreover their world also will be changed drastically.

Teenage is a period when sexual desire increase, but it is too simple if this teen pregnancy is happened because there is no contraception. The facts show that teen pregnancy is happened because it involves some social problem and complicated emotion. Some researches argue that teen pregnancy happened because of some reasons; take a look the reasons below :

1. Broken Home 

When a girl is in incomplete family, there will be an emotion where she will get any some escape to look for comfort. Moreover, if a girl who stays in broken home, she must be need the character of father who can protect her.

2. Rape

This incident will result in trauma and uncontrolled emotion. The effect of rape also impacted mentally, girl becomes inferior and threatened because of sexual disorder.

3. Sex Knowledge

The other reason of teenage pregnancy is big curiosity without sufficient knowledge about sex. In fact, most of teenage do not know about the linkages of pregnancy and sex, teenage do not know about what should be anticipated of sexual activity or courtship.

Teen Pregnancy Facts and Statistics

Teen pregnancy facts that are declared in this article are the result of research in America to some teenagers, but actually the facts are represented about the condition and the fact of teenage pregnancy around the world. The first fact is declared above that 3 or 10 teenage are pregnant fewer than 20. The second is around 40% teen moms are under 18, it is because in 15 to 17 years old teenage in The US already have a sexual intercourse. Through this fact is also known that teenage under 18 already dropped out of the school. Then, almost 80% boys who impregnate the girls are unwilling to take responsibility. Among married teenage, there will be just 30% can survive in marriage.

The kids which come from teenage parents actually experience torture, it is because teenage parents has unstable emotion and do not have much knowledge about parenting. The other teen pregnancy facts show that teenage is commonly gave birth in premature, so that it risks of death, mental retardation, dyslexia or respiratory chronic problem. Then, the other fact also shows that higher abortion rate in teenagers. This fact is about lack of mental readiness. In conclusion, it can be known that sex is not about fun, but it is about responsibility of a person.

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