Top 5 Teen Pregnancy Movies

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teenage is the condition where they have high curiosity about everything, one of them is curiosity about sex. It cannot be denied that in this phase, teenagers start to have courtship. Thus, through this courtship their curiosity about sexual is paid. However, this situation is run to be really bad and get some risks of teenage pregnancy. This is happened because most of teenagers around 15 to 18 years old do not have much knowledge about the linkages of sex and pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is also represented in 5 teen pregnancy movies which is describing about teenage romance and curiosity about sex.

1. Juno 

This is a movie directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. The main character is played by Ellen Page, Juno as a teenager, 16 years old who has independent thought about her teen pregnancy. Juno starts to have a sex with her friend. In the first step she decides to do abortion, but she changes her mind and makes a plan to keep the pregnancy. She has a plan to adopt her baby to others when the baby birth later. By perforce, she tells her pregnancy to her father and step mother and tell about her plan of adoption. Paulie actually still love with Juno, but Juno refuses to show her love to Paulie.

2. Fifteen and Pregnant 

This is a one of best 5 teen pregnant movies which is based on true story about Tina Spangler, 15 year old who pregnant in teenage life. The story is opened with Tina who has sex with her boyfriend, Ray. In her life, she faces in some choices between, abortion, lonely, abortion, single parent or exhausting life. Her boyfriend leaves her with another girl and her mother is changed. She lives in broken home and she finds that her world already ruined. However, her pregnancy can reunite her family to be as one and she finally found her goal of life.

3. Crossroads 

It tells about three young girls who start the prom at the midnight for graduation party. After the graduation, the tings are changed between them. One is engaged, one is little missing perfect and the other one is pregnant outcast. BAD luck for Lucy when she come home and meet her mother, she know that she gave birth of pregnant before married. Her mother is actually does want Lucy to birth.

4. Precious 

This is story about overweight teen girl, Claireece who give birth a baby in Down’s syndrome. She is raped by her father, while her mother abuses her and she already get pregnant for the second time. She is dropped out of the school and placed in alternative school. After living in that place, she finally finds a hope of life.

5. Saved! 

This is one of 5 teen pregnancy movies that quite well known, a story of Mary and her boyfriend, she love each other when enters to the high school. After having sex, she finds that she is pregnant, unfortunately Dean sends to faraway place of his parent. However, the shocking moment that she gets is when her boyfriend, Dead tells that he may be a gay. Her pregnancy makes her questioning about life, judgmental and faith.

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